Portable Ultrasounds is part of an ultrasound sales and service company called Providian Medical Equipment LLC that provides new and reconditioned portable ultrasound systems to physicians and clinics in the healthcare industry. Providian Medical has been in the ultrasound business since 2004 and is located in Willowick, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

When you purchase a refurbished ultrasound system, each system provided by our company has been technically and cosmetically reconditioned to look and perform as a new system. Each of the portable ultrasound systems have been quality certified to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Portable Ultrasounds provides you with the following needs and services:

  • Portable ultrasound systems and accessories
  • Extended warranties
  • Service contracts
  • Upgrade packages
  • Trade-in options
  • Leasing and payment options
  • Upgrade services

Portable Ultrasounds carries leading portable ultrasound manufacturers such as:

  • Acuson
  • Biosound
  • GE
  • Medison
  • Mindray
  • SIUI
  • Sonoscape
  • Sonosite

When looking for a portable ultrasound system for your business, we hope that you will select us when choosing to buy your portable ultrasound system and accessories. We offer a large selection of new and fully reconditioned systems to meet your needs and expectations.

Portable Ultrasounds sells, leases and exchanges new and refurbished portable ultrasound systems nationally and internationally. Please feel free to contact us at 877-882-1833 if you have any questions or are looking for a quote on a system. We will work with you to find a product that is best suited for your needs and your budget.